Our team brings to our clients over 35 years of Residential and Commercial Property experience. Let us work for you. We will find the property you are looking for. 

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Michael J McCann
Broker / Owner - BK 3012291

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Bio: Michael John McCann brings 35 years of experience within the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Industry. He has sold and built properties in many states and countries. He has over 30 years experience in the Commercial Finance industry in lending and consulting. He is also known for building housing for the elderly in various locations.

  Paul Tucker
Associate Broker - MA 97006
Commercial Real Estate Tax Expert
Real Estate Tax Consultant

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Bio: Paul provides services aimed at strategic cost reduction for real estate and tangible personal property taxes. Paul assesses each client’s variable needs and formulates an effective strategy to solve complex taxation issues. Paul will review your current assessed valuation for fairness and accuracy, and evaluate the property for issues that may be overlooked by the owner or the property appraiser/assessor. We can provide options for compensation to suit each clients needs. In most cases, only if we successfully achieve a reduction will the client be charged.



Your Florida Real Estate Investments, Inc.
CQ104 7742 025, BK3315689
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